Motrss Platform is FREE to use for service providers

Our mission is to provide auto service providers an opportunity to grow their business & effectively utilize their resources, as well as provide consumers the choice of best service provider & best service options for their vehicle maintenance needs.

Motrss DO NOT charge any upfront fees or subscription fees to use our platform. Its free to use and we never intend to charge for it. We make money, when you gain business.

Motrss technology platform is specifically designed to streamline the operations of independent service merchants. The platform is a low cost and easily adopted solution that does the following:

  • Assists in acquiring new customers
  • Promotes back office efficiency
  • Enhances promotional opportunities
  • Digital communication channels
  • Improves time management
  • Elevates customer experience
  • Offers digital records management
  • Secure online payments processing
  • Excellent customer care & support
  • Online e-commerce system
  • End to end Technology platform

Be a part of Motrss and experience the new way to doing business. To join us, email at:

Merchant platform

Motrss Merchants

Motrss is specifically designed to streamline the operations of independent service merchants. The platform is a low cost and easily adopted solution that offers our merchants with various features.

End to end Technology platform

Technology is growing really fast and it becomes difficult to keep pace with ever-changing needs. Motrss takes out all your technical worries, so that you can focus on what you do best.

Run your business, shop & floor operations much more smoothly and efficiently by managing technicians, jobs and bays with our technology

We provide an end to end & reliable technology platform, at no cost to customer.

Acquire new customers & More business

Acquiring new customers is one of the most difficult task for any business.

Motrss works on multiple fronts and help you in acquiring new customers. We have lots of parallel sales channels built in our platform, to help merchants in acquiring new customers, as quickly as possible.

Better promotional opportunities

Till now there are limited ways you can reach out to customer. But, Motrss platform will provide you a wider audience and more creative ways to reach out to new customers through our promotional channels.

Time Management & Scheduling

Appointment booking, Time scheduling & calendar management are very time consuming but critical tasks for your day to day operations.

Motrss platform has a very sophisticated yet powerful and much more efficient, time management and scheduling system built in to make your life easy.

Secure online payments processing

Payment processing is a critical part of any business and with the increase in number of payment options, its not easy to maintain or provide all forms to payments to customers.

Motrss platform is well equipped with the latest payments technologies and is capable of accepting any kind of online and offline payments.

Excellent customer care & support

Any service offering cannot be called good, unless its is backed by a very strong backend support system.

Motrss have a very good customer care and support team, to handle various customer inquiries, issues or provide any kind of support needed to customers or merchants.

Online e-commerce platform

We are living in the times of online shopping and e-commerce. Not using an ecommerce, is really bad for business .

Motrss platform has a very strong e-commerce platform inbuilt. We take you online within no time and offer you an e-commerce presence to reach your target customers.

Customer Reviews and ratings

Customer feedback is the single biggest form of motivation for any business. Everyone want to have smile on their customers faces.

Motrss provides you with a review & ratings system, to track what your customer are saying about you.

Live Dashboard & earnings tracking

At the end of the day, week or month, you need to track your sales and other progress.  You are missing on lots of business insights, by using an inefficient online system .

Motrss provides a very strong dashboard & analytics feature, which will give you a 360 degree view of your business.

Digital records management

Still keeping paper receipts or services records, then you are probably loosing on a lots of business. We are in a digital age and technology can solve a lots of your worries.

Motrss platform helps you in setting up your own paperless office, by providing online Service Orders, Estimates and Invoices to your customers via email , in app notification or text.

Communication channel with Customers

Today’s customers are really demanding and expect a quick updates on their services.

Motrss platform comes with all the communication channels inbuilt, so that you can communicate better with customers and provide them real time updates.